Post Supervisor: Matt Yonks
Post Coordinator: Rachel LaBianca

VFX Artists: Jason Dorris, Dave Eber, Edmond Hawkins, Ed Mundy, Hannah Kim, Milton Ladd, Danny Behar, Richard Lampasone, Bryan Brinkman, Ryan Mauskopf, Sohee Sohn, Hugo Marmugi, John Camalick
I've worked as a staff VFX artist on seasons 44-48 of SNL. As the Film Unit's ambitions have grown, the VFX department has met every challenge. Once a small group of a few people, it has evolved into a highly sophisticated multi-state operation, continuously refining its workflows, taking on ever more complex shots and sequences, and increasing its use of CG and cutting-edge technology. Through it all we work seamlessly with editors to deliver as many as three pre-taped pieces within 24 hours.