My background is in VFX for comedy TV. It has involved everything from marshaling the latest in real-time rendering technology to punctuate a pivotal moment, to helping construct an elaborate cinematic universe that sets the stage for fart jokes. My process is hands-on, collaborative, and resourceful—and, for projects I initiate, I often involve a collective of talented peers to help shepherd projects from start to finish.
I also collaborate with agencies and design studios and do direct-to-client work for all types of projects that need confident, purposeful, and energetic motion—everything from typography to particle effects.

Under Armour
Clone Magnetico

5G Home

Ascent Series


Monday Night Football Kickoff

What Will You Make?


Ad Council
Tear the Paper Ceiling

Cultivate a Better World

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I always want to hear from people, studios, and companies looking to collaborate.
I'm based in New York City but work remotely with people everywhere.
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